Thursday, September 28, 2017

My first roll of Acros

Ever since I have owned a 120 film camera, I have only use colour negative film on it. The Acros has been sleeping in my fridge for some times now. Finally, I have taken it to the street one day after work.
Time is money - by Ming Yao

I exposed the film just like how I would do on the colour film. However, the result came out generally under exposed. I have no idea whether it’s my mistake on guessing the exposure or that’s just how the black and white film behave. I must say, that day the light wasn’t great. 

Ming Yao borrowed a screw driver to fix his Nikon F badge from falling out.

The shop owner have a long chat with us talking from photography industry, worsen economics and the politics.
Although I shot most of the photos on tripod, the focusing on the Yashica is not easy. I have to dealt with the mirrored viewfinder and at the same time fiddling the angle to make the horizon straight. “Left is right, left is right”, I keep reminding myself.

I tried so hard to keep the framing straight. 
With the right exposure and focus, I would say the Acros is quite contrasty. This makes the photograph pop. However, most of my shot were under exposed. So, I tried to pull back the detail in post and the outcome wasn’t great. Generally, the photo has a natural orange tint to it. This makes the photo a little bit Japanese feel – as describe by Ming Yao. Some photo you doesn’t see the tint because I have edit it in post.  
Definitely my best photo from the roll.
Personally, I prefer to use colour film during my shoot. It’s not that B&W not yield great result. I just feel with colour, you get an extra layer of presentation to your photograph. You can make colour photo to black and white, but not the other way around easily.
The famous longkang siham in Bunga Raya.

Somewhere nearby there is a sign by the vendor, "NO PHOTO". I guess they were annoyed by us so much.

Got the focus and exposure right. but not the rest.

Under the street light with his "F"

My camera looks better than me, of course.
In case you wondering, my Yashica only make SQUARE photos, not because I crop it to make it "Instagram" like. Lastly, it doesn’t matter what other people like or dislike. Just make photograph, the way you want it.

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