Monday, August 28, 2017

Walk around Stadthuys with Nikon 85mm 1.4D

Malaysia is celebrating it's 60th birthday and we all are proud of it.

It's been a month plus after sending my 85 for cleaning service, I have finally got it back! I bought the lens used with moderate dust in the optics very long time ago. The lens have battle scars all over its plastic body but at least the AF works. I never bothered to send it for a lens cleaning until I have taken this photo.
The dark spot is very prominent, shot on Nikon FM.
The dust in the lens somehow introduce some dark spot in the bokeh rendition. So it went for a service.

Few days ago, I get back the lens from the cleaning service. I'm desperate to try it out to make sure the lens works better than before. So, I'm bringing it out for a test drive.
A trishaw vendor cycling pass the street
The lens is not exactly sharp wide open and comes with loads of chromatic aberration. Most of it can be corrected in Lightroom but not very effective in some circumstance. I still can live with it since I'm not pixel peeping by zooming in all the time.

bubble blowing while resting

happy family cross the street

There is always a good time for we-fie.

The tourist sing song together with street performer.

The focus at 1.4 is kinda hit and miss especially if there is movement involved. So, I shot mostly f/2 or slower to make sure I have enough depth of field to cover and improved contrast. That is, if the lighting condition permits.

the water droplets have purple fringing all over it.

The police officer have a chit chat with the uncle while keeping the flag.

The street full of flag decoration for the coming celebration.
Without VR or vibration reduction, the lens is prone to camera shake. To reduce the blurry image, I have to use shutter speed more than 1/125th seconds for stationary subject. However, in order to do some panning shot, I deliberately reduced the shutter speed to around 1/40th seconds to introduce motion blur in the photo. I managed to get few sharp photos after some trial and error.

Relaxing ride using e-scooter.

having great family bonding time during the school holiday season.
I have a chance to try out Ming Yao's Nikkor 24-70 after the sunset. The lens build like a tank and weighs a tonne. I only manage to get few photos out of the short walk.
Her mom is persuading her to ride on a trishaw.

Pikachu....... I choose you!

Some street artist selling their artworks along the corridor.
After shoot around the area, I think the 85 is ready to serve me in duty. Many thanks to Danny who works hard to clean my lens and my brother to help me transport the lens. More image to come from this legendary work horse. See you soon.

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