Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Night Street Photography Session

People often thinks that night photography is about long exposure, tripod, shutter release kind of thing. That is not always the case. What i want to show you here is a sample photos shoot handheld with a standard zoom lens. The trick is to increase the ISO to higher value (i.e. 1600 or even 3200), use maximum aperture in order to get descend shutter speed. You may also use auto iso setting in your camera, where by you need to set maximum ISO and minimum shutter speed allowed to use. Your camera will then evaluate the scene and increase the ISO automatically whenever the shutter speed falls below your minimum shutter speed.

Dancing Water
1/25 | ƒ/3.2 | ISO 1600 | 26 mm
This shot is taken at KLCC fountain right outside the shopping complex.

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