Monday, April 15, 2013

Visiting Bangkok, Thailand

This is actually my third time travel to Bangkok for work. Bangkok is a very interesting city to explore. Most of the people would like to shopping (especially girls!!), while others enjoy the food there. One thing I realize is that travel around the city is very convenient. The city main attraction is surrounded by public transport such as BTS sky train, MRT underground train, taxi, motorbike and also touring cruise. The travel fee is much cheaper. Most taxi use the meter with the base fare 35 baht if not mistaken. 

Among the location that you must visit is their Royal Palace, Wat Arun Temple and also Chatuchak market. I don't get the chance to visit to floating market, and also the Maeklong Railway Market. According to my friends, it is also worth visiting as there are plenty of photographic opportunities. 

What I notice so far is that Thai people don't speak english very well. Make sure you learn few simple Thai word prior travel.  However, I must emphasize that they are very polite and helpful although they do not know you. Their food is very cheap as well. You can settle your meal on the roadside for around 35 baht if you are ok with street food. Their 7-11 convenient shop is available almost in every street which occasionally a place for me to settle my meals too.

One very important principle in doing street photography is to seek permission to take photo because not everyone like their photos to be taken. Inside the Royal Palace, not all the place is allow to take photo such as the temple, and some museum. Follow the rules and respect their culture. Besides, you must always aware your surrounding especially you are carrying few thousand dollar worth of camera equipment with you. Always keep micro fiber cloth and zipper bag in case of raining / dust. Clean your equipment everyday.

 I will show you some of the photos that I taken during my trips to bangkok. Comments and critics are welcome.

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