Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Night Cityscapes around KL with Tokina 12-24mm f/4

After work, pack my bag and hop on the Putra Line, going to KL. While I'm heading towards KL on the train, I'm still not sure where I'm going. Maybe I'll drop off Pasar Seni, my mind thinking. However, due to the crowd, I miss the station! So, I hop off the next station, Masjid Jamek. Many peoples drop off this station to change to Star Line. Being there the first time, I not sure where I'm going to shoot. Finally I'm wondering in front of Sultan Abdul Samad Building.

The night was very hazy even though after rain. I quickly setup, took some shot and move along. I walk all the way until Pasar Seni Station. So the journey is quite horrifying. It was dark, rarely any traffic and many beggars around. Anyway, I come home in one piece and here is the output.

The building is no longer full with light bulb, instead they installed the spot light which induced lots of flare! The traffic is not much as well. The fountain beside also no longer with lights.

Work really hard to remove the flare and bring out the details from the hazy situation. This is the best I can get. 

Shot once on the opposite side of the road which get my image published on magazine. Here is angle from another side of the road. Wait really long for some traffic to pass by.

Saw the zebra crossing leading towards the building behind. There is one old man with a kid standing there through out the exposure waiting to cross the road. 

Shot here during my last visit, the traffic is close to zero! Only one bus and a car pass by and the flare is killing me again.

Here I am at the petaling street again. This time for long exposure!

After getting down from the train, I'm walking back to office to take my car. Always wanted to shoot long exposure here and I get what I wish for!

After seeing the output on the computer screen, there is lots of FLARE! I'm shooting with the Tokina 12-24 f/4 version 1. I heard the version 2 is much better in term of flare handling. However, I'm happy for the price I pay for a used Tokina vs the performance. Thanks for reading.

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