Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My 28mm Journey of Penang 2015 - Part II

During this festive season, I have to go somewhere. Due to budget issue, I choose to go Penang again. I feel comfortable in this city full of heritage, modern and comfort lifestyle. The journey was unexpectedly smooth. By 10 in the morning, I have reached the heart of the city. 

View of the island from ferry
This trip was very much unplanned. Other than booking accommodation upfront, the agenda were pretty much ad-hoc. We walk on the street talking about old times, how we used to take photos here, trying the food there, and who we were travel with. Time flies. 

Rusty door, faded paint
Stood the test of time

Simple composition
Fire hydrant here looks a bit different. It is red rather than yellow, the appearance is unique as well. The city is full of old buildings. I like to see the corrode doors, windows couple with the faded wall. They have stood the test of time. 

ISO 200 | f/5.6 | 1/1100s
The wall painting was somewhat originated from this city before resonate to other reasonably old settlements. Rather than queuing to take the famous wall painting photos which turns up the same like everyone else. I often look for new painting that attracts me.
ISO 200 | f/2 | 1/1000s

Coffee is part of my life. As much as I learn how to love them, the city offer lots of choices for me to discover. They always have something for me to remember, whether is smell of the aroma, or the cozy ambient that makes me reluctant to leave.

Coffee Affairs

I like how they decorate the interior

showing all fingers in portrait
The streets is always a happening place. From market to back lane, my camera will always standby beside my hip. Some of the shot actually turns up quite well despite having to guess the composition and rely on the camera to decide where to focus on. 

Looks like he is going to kill someone!
The old lady vendor was talking happily with her neighbour.

"It's not the destination, but the journey that matters most..." Along the way, there are some beautiful scene that I cant resist to press the shutter. It takes away all your tiredness and keeps you awake so that you can be home safely.
view from the hotel room.
Ferrying across
I'll end the post with a bang. Sunset at Sekinchan.

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