Friday, August 11, 2017

Shoot to pleased yourself

It’s been a while since I updated my blog. Not that anyone care, but I’m thinking that’s a good start. Making photograph has never been easier, so does making good photograph. You have tons of reference online. So, there is really no excuse for you to make a bad photograph.
A big credit to Ming Yao, who took the photos of my Yashica TLR with his trusty Nikon D750 + nifty fifty. 
All the photos were direct output made with the Fuji X100s. It is smart enough to think about the exposure, how to get the retain highlight while maintaining its contrast level while I’m just responsible to tell it when to do it.
The dilemma to shoot in B&W or color. Color it is.
Why am I doing this?
Often I ask myself, why I spend the effort wandering around the streets, while others just watching dramas or playing online games. There is no good and bad. There are millions way how you can spend or rather utilize the finite moments of your life. 
I have no idea telephone booth still working
It just makes me feel better. In a way it’s sort of training for me, judging the exposure, visualize the composition and executing ideas. Every time I learn something from a walk. It can be technical related such as what settings to leave in, pre-focusing, or what gears are useful for which condition. 
It would be great if I can go up the stairs for another shot.
However, in my walk, I see tourist, beggar, shop owner, deliveryman, or just an aunty buying the famous fried oysters for her family, many thoughts gone through my mind. Should I go for a vacation? What will I be when I’m at their age?  How fortunate I am compare to someone, or how I wish I can be as rich as how they appeared. This is the time I enjoy the most where I don’t have to respond to an email, I don’t have to talk to anyone, or having to do something that anyone expect me to do. FREEDOM.
The famous building in Melacca where people end their life.

I just like texture.

more and more windows...

then there will be a door frame

just simply shoot.

Soon Cheong House

Front view of the "9 Storey" flat.

The famous longkang siham. The owner thought we are media and welcome us to shoot as much as we like.

dunno why thinking to play mahjong after watching this


what is filem?

adding motion to still picture

The 3 gentlemen.

Ming Yao told me this is a famous bridge in the past.

an umbrella for a no parking sign.

More and more rotten memories.

Ming Yao says he have the same photograph but I'm taking it anyway.

I like contrasty scene.

more old building

pawn paw?

there is nothing more classic than a b&w photo of a black bicycle.

It’s too early for me to talk about LIFE. That’s what a retired old man sitting in his coffee couch do. What if I never had a chance to make it that far? While I still can, never stop making photograph.

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