Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Street Photography around KL with Sigma 30mm f/1.4 ft. Tokina 12-24mm f/4

Somehow I'm still haunted by the incident where a con-man pretending to be victim of snatch-theft. The money is not much, but I lost my faith on trusting someone easily. There was one incident where by a foreigner holding a map asking for direction. From far I am able to tell that he is going to talk to me. I was so afraid that I just shake my head and move on even before he try to speak. "Where is Lowyat?", he asked. I just point the direction without saying a word. I just being paranoid.

Put that aside, street photography is always my favourite, because you can do it any where and any time. The difficult part is to have the courage to point your camera at the one that noticed you who are going to get their picture taken. The trick is to shoot when they are concentrating on something else, such as talking to vendor, or their friends. Otherwise, just shoot from their behind, but the impact would be less desirable. Here are few samples.

She looks aright until you see her hand, what a waste. 
She try very hard to capture the fountain with her smart phone. She hardly move for few minutes.

The girl decided to break the rules instead of waiting the lights turn green. So, she pulls her boyfriend's hand to cross the road with her.

A happy family walk around the park.

Selfie-stick vendor is everywhere!
Shooting at a moderate aperture in day time such as f/4-5.6 allows you to reduce the chances of miss focuses and use relatively fast shutter speed, such as 1/100s to freeze moving subject.

After few hours wondering from Lowyat to KLCC, I'm tired, thirsty and hungry. Before turn around and leave, she get my attention. I was on my Tokina 12-24mm f/4 when I noticed her posing. She really know how to pose. I quickly change my lens to 30mm and manage to grab 1 shot which is in focus. The light condition is so poor that the Sigma struggle to focus, at f/1.4 particularly. So, that's the shot of the day to end my holiday.

She standstill for almost 15 seconds, I was shooting at 1/5 seconds because my Tokina only goes down to f/4!

Finally, I manage to get 1 shot in focus after 3-4 attempts. 
 Did I say my DSLR is dead before? :-P

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