Thursday, July 17, 2014

Putrajaya Maritime Centre Sunrise Shooting

It's holiday and its really difficult to get off the bed around 6 a.m. Initially I plan to visit the Putrajaya Mosque for the sunrise shot but I accidentally took the wrong way and end up at the Putrajaya Maritime Center near to Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside. The sky looks dull and cloudy. I carry all my gears and went scouting around anyway since I am already there. So, I found this place which facing the east where there are few government buildings across the river and a bridge and start setting up my equipment. The best time for a sunrise shot for me is 10 mins before sunrise. The lights on the building is still on and the sun will shine on the clouds (if there is any) making them turns red and orange.

A creative way to hold the filter without the filter holder
I have own this square ND filter for quite some times already but hardly use them because it always produce softer and some purple tint on the image. The purple tint is difficult to remove sometimes.
10 mins before sunrise, I reduce the highlight and increase the saturation of the image in post processing.

If you are using a wide angle lens, watch out the edge of the frame as it would distort the buildings, pole, trees near the corner. So, try not to put your subject right at the side or corner because they would bend and doesn't look right.

The purple tint is hard to remove. I have straighten the building on the left in post processing.

Next I want to talk about composition. It's not about just putting everything into the frame. Use the image below as example, I use 2 of the trees as a "frame" to bound the image, so you would look into the shot. Try include some subject, such as a person jogging, or even a bird fly pass. Often, clouds line, pole, barrier can use to guide the viewer eyes into the photo.

The sun have risen but it is block by the building while the jogger pass by the scene.

The photo below illustrate how the green tint appear in the middle of the frame because I have to apply it to cover the purple tint overall. It's collateral damage. Again, the clouds in the sky play important role to enhance the image. It would look dull if there is no cloud in the sky.

The foreground give the perception of depth in the frame but the tint is kind of irritating.

I merge the photo using a software named Microsoft ICE because the ease of use and good output  it produced. The image below merges 7-8 photos which covers more than 220 degrees. This is the exact view you would expect on the roof of the new university which is still under construction. 


Here is the single shot on the roof of the university. A construction worker is actually sleeping beside the corridor while I'm taking all these shots. He is not even aware! Composition wise, the barrier leads the viewers eyes into the frame again. You will also noticed how the building at the left side of the frame bends.

On top of the "green" building. I can see PICC on my right.
Lastly, always a good idea to keep the landscape shot level 99% of the time. 

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