Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My User Experience with Nikon D600

Since I got a used Nikon D600 body into my collection for few weeks now, I would say I am really impress with its performance. I have not handle any full-frame camera before, and I have well read about its capabilities such as shallow depth of fields, superior high ISO performance, and of course good image quality.
  1. Good Dynamic Range
  2. Dynamic range is a good place to look at a camera of its capabilities. The RAW files retain the highlight and shadow details very well. You can recover those details in post processing.
    shot with Tokina 12-24 DX lens at 18mm

    shot with Tokina 12-24 DX lens at 18mm
  3. Excellent High ISO performance
  4. Using a full-frame, you really benefit from the high ISO performance. Although crop-sensor camera now-days catching up quite fast, you still gain benefit about 1-stop due to the larger sensor size at the moment. The following photos shoot with ISO6400.
    shot at f/4 due to limitation on the lens, ISO 6400
  5. Really shallow Depth of field
  6. However the real advantage comes on the capabilities on the body to fully utilize the full-frame lenses. The depth of field is shallower and when you mount a 50mm lens on the body, you are actually getting the 50mm field of view in 35mm format. That being said, the 50mm has been always a short-tele on my crop-sensor D90 now have become a standard lens. I can comfortably take photos of a group of 4 without backing up like crazy. It is a very usable focal length.
Shot at f/2.2 on Nikon 50mm 1.8D

The working distance on the 50mm is really versatile.
Overall, I really satisfied the performance of this machine and it had overcome many of my limitation on my older Nikon body. Hopefully I can do a better job with it. 

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