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My Journey of X100S in Penang 2013

If you followed my blog, you might be wondering, why is this not in the 28mm Journey section. Well, at this point, I still have not got my hand on the 28mm wide angle converter yet! Therefore, technically it's not part of my 28mm journey. ;-)

During the Raya break, I was travelling to Penang for a short getaway. However, I spent almost 10+ hours travelling from Melacca to Penang due to really bad traffic. On the way, I have decided to stop by Ipoh for a refreshment. It din't take long to find a descend cafe by my lovely assistance. We stop by at the JJ Cafe along Jalan Kampar if not mistaken. The environment is very comfy and we have a great meals over there instead of those typical Dim Sum or Old Town White Coffee.

JJ Cafe is nicely decorated and foods are well worth the money.
We reached Penang about 3PM and we take a short nap before coming to the Armenian Street market for a walk. In here, there are many art performance and nicely handmade craft for sale. This for instance make a nice bracelet where the item can be customize.
I was so afraid that he is going to scold me for taking photo without permission!!

This is the door from one of the shop we visited. 

I'm hokkien and I will speak Hokkien with you!!
 While many queues to take photograph with the street art "kids on a bicycle", this "band" caught my attention. He is playing on a drum set which made up of tin cans, barrel and wok. I contribute a little donation before approach them to take their photo. This is a way to honour the street performer before taking their photograph and they are more likely to smile to you when you take their photo.
This is one of the band near the street art "Kids on the bicycle"
At night we went to one of the cafe with bicycle theme, "Wheeler's cafe" at Love Lane. We ordered the crepes but it taste below our expectation. Maybe we are spoiled by the famous crepes taste from Nadeje at Melaka and now also available in KL.
crepes from the Wheeler's cafe
We have a good rest and the next morning we go out around 7am for some early breakfast along Kimberley street. You can find some awesome street food at the morning market where the local often visit.

This stall selling "koey tiao soup" 

This stall is cooking with woods!

This street is always pack with peoples in the morning!

This photo is compose to give its geological identity 

All the time I being here, he is always at the same place. I guess he is doing all rights. The papers quote the Penang CM speech about doing charity!

The seller dress up to attract customers!
 After tired of walking, we stop by a cafe near our hotel on Armenian street. The coffee and food is good and just enough to satisfied our greedy stomach.
X100S can take some really nice close up photos that often surprise me.
Me on divider

Never being so scared in a staring contest!

This apek "selambe" sit beside the street to read newspaper.
First time to see a dog on a bike! The owner must be proud by looking at her face.
Afternoon is hot and we hide inside a shopping mall name Gurney Paragon. She found this shop that sells perfume where the bottles were paint by the disable peoples. Part of the sales will contribute to them so that they can carry on their life. The scent is good and now its has 70% discount promotion! The big bottle only cost around RM30. For more information can visit
Every bottle is unique!

How can you missed Penang famous cendol?

The desserts is called Lamingtons if not mistaken.
At the evening, we have meet our friends at Batu Ferringhi. We sit at a a bistro named "Bora-Bora by Sunset" while watching the sun to set.

X100s really good at producing  nice panorama shot!

There are horse riding and other beach activities there. It's a happening place there.

Before we go back, we pass by the Holiday Inn Resort and what a shot from a near pitch black scene at that time.
We always a fan of Kaffa near Green Hall. The salted caramel machiatto and the Big Breakfast are our all-time favourites.
The Smoked Salmon Sandwich - Kaffa
 Lastly, we on our journey back using the new bridge for the first time. See you next time, Penang!
Taken by the assistance while I'm driving!
To see more photos of the trip, you can go to my google+ album here.

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